Optical total suspended solids sensor for hygienic applications

  • For use with MAC 300 analytical transmitter
  • Process connection: Tri-Clamp 2", 3"; VARIVENT® N
  • 0…1.5, 20 or 40% milk fat; Max. +85°C / +185°F; 10 bar / 145 psi
  • PP or PVDF sensor using 4-beam alternating light principle, no optical windows, glass free

OPTISENS TSS 7000 – Standard version

OPTISENS TSS 7000 – Standard version

The OPTISENS TSS 7000 is a total suspended solids sensor for hygienic applications. The sensor comes with Tri-Clamp or VARIVENT® connection and is particularly suitable for concentration measurement in milk separation, fruit processing and other food and beverage applications. However, it can also be the perfect fit for hygienic concentration measurement of other process industries (e.g. for monitoring steam and cooling water circuits).

The OPTISENS TSS 7000 offers different sensor options with multiple path lengths for various concentration ranges. Its alternating light 4-beam technology enables a higher reliability of the measurement than with classic 2-beam technologies. 2 NIR LEDs (880 nm) light sources and 2 detectors compensate for most errors caused by dirt, aging or light source variations. The OPTISENS TSS 7000 has no optical windows and is thus glass free. By measuring directly through the PP material layer, measurement errors and sealing problems due to the window material are no longer an issue. The sensor can operate in conjunction with the MAC 300 analytical transmitter.

Product highlights

  • Transmitted light absorption principle with pulsed NIR 880 nm
  • With 2 NIR LEDs (880nm) light sources and 2 detectors
  • Radiometric change of light measurement: compensates for build-up of contaminants or degradation of electronics
  • Multiple path lengths: 10, 20, 40  mm / 0.4, 0.8, 1.6"
  • For various concentration ranges
  • For connection to the MAC 300 analytical transmitter

Typical applications

Food and beverage industry

  • Fruit pulp monitoring
  • Milk fat concentration measurement
  • Product loss monitoring in dairies
  • Separator monitoring
  • CIP control

Chemical and other process industries

  • Quality control and process monitoring in steam and cooling water circuits
  • Solids concentration control
  • Heat exchanger monitoring (product leak detection into condensate/steam)
  • Filtration monitoring

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Immersion assembly for general water and wastewater treatment applications

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  • Robust housing for wall-mount or panel-mount installation

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